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What happens when you pack 50 ladies on board  a bus and that too without their kids….. 😛
Its commotion confounded and thats what exactly happened today. 50 of us headed towards Arita, the Porcelain town. This is an annual Porcelain fair which happens during the golden week from 29th April – 5th May at Arita. More than 600 shops sell porcelain wares. They are certainly a beauty to set your eyes on but the more interesting aspect here is you can bargain :P. Funny as it might sound, but Japan doesn’t have much of bargaining places and this is one of them. So, feast your eyes to the rich stuff all along the way and bargain too. (Wow I felt so happy I could bargain after a long long time :P). I was slightly taken aback with the prices with some vases priced upto 2-3 lakh yen 🙂 and so I went looking for some cheap and pretty stuff.  

So, here you go feast yourself as they are a real beauty (Forgive me for my photography am not that good at it :P)

On route to Arita

At a Private Museum

Tea Time


Funny isn’t it?

Kings and Queens

On sale

Porcelain street (Here starts the journey to cover the 600+ shops)

One of the shopkeepers allowed me to click inside.

The cheapest I could find 

Lovely vases on display

I couldn’t help admiring this 🙂

See those huge vases 🙂 Like those from Aladin’s time 🙂

Cute Owls

And finally what I bought. Aren’t they pretty 🙂


The bus ride…

The mail from him read “Am in India on vacation (Call me @…..)” …. her mind raced 2 years back when it all started….

A chain of mails had triggered her friendship with him….. She felt so complete with him. Mails and Calls flowed until they met. Their eyes locked the moment they met…. they talked unaware of their surroundings….. They knew they had fallen in Love…. They walked hand in hand on the beach….and felt they were in Paradise….. 

Everyday she had the same dream…… He was leaving her for good……

(She boards the bus …….  2 hours to home……)

And then, he had to go to Malaysia for his new job…. She cried for fear of losing him in an alien country …. She felt her dream was coming true…. He reassured her and left and nothing changed…… 

He came down for his brother’s marriage and introduced her to his family…. She started to dream of a lovely new family…..

(1.5 hours to home)

He went back…. His calls and mails grew lesser and lesser…. She didnt know why….. Her dream was coming true….. She confronted him …. He denied….  Mails and Calls stopped……… She felt helpless…felt like ending her life….. Her life was meaningless without him but her life was also attached to another person…. Her mom…. She stopped….

(1 hour to home)

And then he called… He had found someone…. the true love of his life as he called…. She was devastated…. the promises, love, affection all looked like sand washed away by the water of the beaches….. 

She poured her feelings to her friend Susan, in Malaysia……..

She cried and cried….. but the tears could not bring him back….. She cut herself from everyone and withdrew into a cocoon…. She had lost the colors in her life…………. 

(0.5 hour to home)

The bus driver put on the brake suddenly and she was jolted to the present…. She looked at her mobile…..and dialed….. The familiar voice which sent butterflies in her stomach answered …. 

He: “Hello….”….. 
Se: “Uh…. hello, its me?”…..
He(Pause) : “I knew you would call”
She: “I need to arrive at a decision….” (Pause).. “Do you love me still?”
He(Pause) : “No….. but if you insist I will talk to my parents about you…..”
She: “Do you love Susan?”
He: “Yes….”
She (Taking in a deep breath swallowing the tears that brimmed in her eyes): “Ok, bye forever… All the very best in your life….”

She cut the call ….. tears rolled down her eyes…. She felt she had loved a stranger…… A stranger who had turned her life upside down and now denied recognizing her…. A friend she had trusted had broken her trust …. 

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep “

She had reached her destination…. Her mom greeted her at the door and they did the bear dance as usual….. 

I am just a coffee bean

I am just a coffee bean. 
Born Alone and will go back alone.

I am just a coffee bean
Green and Oval in Shape
Engulfed by the pulp of the Cherry

I am just a coffee bean
Waiting to be processed and roasted
To brew that aromatic smell 
That kindles your senses

I am just a coffee bean
Tully’s calls me French Roast
Coffee Day calls me Fresh n Blend
Starbucks calls me Cafe Estima
Caribou calls me Lakeshore Blend

I am just a coffee bean
Caffe Mocha at times
Expresso at times
Caffe Latte at times
Americano at times

I am just a coffee bean
Together with milk and sugar
I will form that foamy froth 
That lingers on your lips 

I am just a coffee bean
And I will always remain a coffee bean

P.S. A lot of work goes into making the perfect coffee for us. Read more here.
The images are from various sites with due copyrights to their rightful owners.

I appreciate you..

Anu loved my post on the tag she passed onto me so much 
                                     that she gave me WOW…. my first blog award 🙂 🙂
Am totally honored… (Please add all the adjectives you can think of …. Am all smiles)

Thanks a ton Anu…. Now like she skipped the tag and passed on the award only… I will also follow suit. 🙂

Uma      – I just love her posts which strikes a chord somewhere within you.
Mahesh – His posts are so touching and so this award to him….
Leo         – Mind blogging Work
Anwesa  – Sad poems but yet so true 🙂
Vibhuti   – Her stories are simply so sweet and nice 🙂

And deary deary Uma was so sweet… she passed on to me my 2nd blog award…… am totally floored…………. 🙂 … She says my blog has that little bit extra… oh my my… Don’t you people like the Cherry 🙂

This is what I am supposed to do on receiving this award: Write 3 things which I like about myself, post a picture I like most and pass on the award to 5 more people !!!!

3 things about myself (uh… oh…. now …. what shall I write….  am bored of writing so am going to sing….. anybody hearing me ??? )

1. To be sung in the tune of “Oonchi hai building… lift teri band hai…..” remember the Anu Malik song (
Kahe tu sincere…. life toh short hai…..
Jee le sweet life ko…. jab right time hai…

2. To be sung in the tune of “Der se aana… jaldi jaana… ae saahib ye theek nahi” (

Time se aana… Time se jaana….. Ye punctuality ab theek nahi….

3. To be sung in the original sound track (

Ye dosti hum nahi todenge….. chodenge dam magar tera saath naa chodenge…… 

So that’s it about me (Sincere, Punctual and Friendly) 
Now my favorite pic time. This is a recent one taken at Mt.Aso in peak winter…. Isn’t it amazing… all the snow and all…. (Well this was the first time I was seeing snow so was pretty excited) 

Now whom shall I pass this onto …. ….. Hey hey kitte jaa rahe ho …mujhse bachke kahan jaoge Kaalia….. just kidding 😛
Anu – Am loving her travelogues on Binsar
GNSD – To keep you motivated for your fitness plan … I know you can do it
Aryan’s Mom – You are super duper cool Aryan and this is for you 
Swaram – Love your posts
Titaxy – Loved her photoblog 🙂
And the icing on the cake….. I just couldn’t believe this…………My post “360 Degree Fukuoka – Travel Special” is up on Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks…… Wow am super duper excited……