April Fooled en masse……

Well I have already published a blog on fool but couldn’t stop myself from blogging about what happened on April 1st.

Well Just that this time all of us in Fukuoka got April fooled en masse (so no exceptions. Well most of the times, I am the scapegoat for my colleagues who love to pull my legs (meri taang keechthe hi rehte hain ye log) so am happy that this time it was not just me).

Early morning, A (the oldest amongst us) came up and asked us if there was any work in the evening… well none of us had any reasons to stay late in office that day. Around evening, we receive a mail from M telling that R is throwing a surprise party for her hubby AK (wow …party time but is there a party really … We are even asked to vote if we will be coming or not). Everyone is surprised and it sure does look like a April Fool prank. We even call and ask R if she is really hosting the party. She says “Yes” so firmly that even the unconvinced would get convinced (baap re baap…. bade miyan toh bade miyan chote miyan suban allah). So, we are all happy that we don’t have to cook for the evening (R is a superb cook and we simply love her samosas …. yummy … So you can think how our taste buds would have been kindled :P)

My mind couldn’t accept that this wasn’t April Fool prank… a girl’s sixth sense you see ( well….sometimes its just that I follow my heart rather than my brain ).  …I asked A again  but he said so innocently that I also asked M the same and he denied that it wasn’t an April Fool prank… Well when bade log say so… chote have to accept na. So far so good…

So at 7:30 pm as planned everyone started leaving the office one by one except for Ak as it was supposed to be a surprise party for him….. (the irony is the party was supposed to start at 7:30pm and we all left the office at 7:30 pm only…. always we follow IST – Indian Stretchable time and not JST – Japanese Strict Time)

Me and Sk arrive first for the party as we always do…. even by IST we are always first….
R has decorated the house beautifully…. She shows us the vessels with punjabi chole and chicken biryani… wow… everything cooked and neatly laid out (Please note the vessels were covered and not open!!!! … Why why didn’t I go up and open and see them as I always do…. Big Time Fooooooooooooool !!!!)

Everyone starts arriving.. The family walas and kids in line, the sharaabi bachelors, the newly married lovey-dovey couples, the not married but committed bachelors,  the smoking bachelors, the casanova bachelors, the oh-we dont smoke- we dont drink – we r veggies- pure sadhu bachelors… (before I get beaten up let me stop here… )… So everyone comes… and time comes to call AK from office (Mind you he is a very big time workaholic) …… 

So, R calls and tells sweetly to Ak least he suspect, “Aji sunte ho…hamara neighbour fir se aa gaya hai… bol raha hai ki T (T is their sweetest n the most quiet kid… See what an irony!!! … Neighbours complain for such  a sweet kid too that he disturbs their sleep … hmmm..) Ak is disturbed… he panics … leaves the office call in between and comes running towards home (typical movie ishtyle…. jaanu main aa raha hoon…. ghabrao mat… )… calls in between twice to check that trouble is still there or has come down a bit… R convinces him that the trouble is getting worse… Bechare Ak…. itne dar dar ke aaye… aur unki toh tain tain fish ho gayi…..

Finally Ak arrives and sees all of us and is surprised + shocked…. ok what do they tell this combo in english… hmmm… uh….. forget it…. no words are coming out of his mouth… 
He finally asks R what is this all about, and she very sweetly tells this is a surprise party for you. Ak is flattered.. and smiling away to glory.

Now that everyone is gathered, the grand finale commences… M frantically jumps about with a paper plate and paper…. n places it before Sk……  R sweetly tells… Sk san…. usmain litte ki sabji hai….. Sk looks confused… everyone is …. then Rk opens all the vessels and sees… they are empty and nicely washed vessels… slowly it dawns on everyone that we have been ‘April Fooled’ ….. hee hee … ha ha… 

A is smiling away to glory 
                 …. Everyone has been fooled inspite of 
                       knowing that the party could be                  
                       a April Fool Prank
                  …. and we all go to bimi nan to 
                        celebrate April Fool’s Day…

P.S. Adding another to my nostalgia… First time I celebrated April Fool’s day also 🙂


12 thoughts on “April Fooled en masse……

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA….laughing away to glory. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Too funny, I tell you.

    BTW, what did u all eat that nite ?????

    One small suggestion – can u please remove the word verification while commenting. Its too difficult to comment for ppl like me, who dont use blogger.

  2. @Sravan… I know I know… you were right but then I followed my heart instead of brain….

    @Uma ….thank you thank you…. We had a lot of food… imagine 23 ppl attacking a restaurant… Its a new Indian restaurant we discovered so we had lot of non-veg n veg snacks like samosa, pakoda, chicky (normal ones) … nothing special.. 🙂

    And ya, I removed the verification thing… didnt know it was there…..

    @Swaram… Waiting to eat your samosas when I visit u in hydy 🙂

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