Am Tagged!!! Am Tagged!!!

Oh…. you thought a price tag has been attached to me…………Cheeeeee………. forget it…. Thats so very awful of you.  

I meant tagging in blogosphere… .sigh (one more sphere… as though troposphere and stratosphere were not enough ..poor kids how much will they learn……)  !!!!!!!

Uma dear has tagged me to write about the below… Well let me see what I can do here …..   hmmm hmmm…. Read at your own risk… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you dear 😛

If you say LOL, then 1 point for me… If you say ROFL, then 3 points to me…. Ae dandanakka ae danakdakka…. 

5 Gloriously Horrifyingly Dumb Movies:

Mother 98/MotherThe most crappiest one that I have seen. Great stars and great backup didn’t make me feel great. Daddy kaun decide karne main problem hai to DNA test kar lo na… kaahe itna confhusiate ho humko……. (Translation: If you want to decide who is the daddy, do a DNA test na…. y create so much of confusion)

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam Since am crazy about all of Rahul Bose’s movies …Man, he is too good….and so….. and I started to watch this with the same expectation…..but this really drove me away saying “Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam…. Chor do mujhee………..Ab aur ye zulam mat karo jahanpanah” (Translation: I agree with you Mughal-e-Azam…. Plsss leave me ….Please don’t torture me more your majesty) (On a lighter note… please do watch his movies… Anuranan and Shaurya)

Ek Ruka hua faisla – Well this one is much much better…. I saw on the big screen (not theatre but a projector) …. Bade parde ne diya mujhe bada sa sardard…. unka toh sirf faisla ruka tha…. meri toh dimag ki batti jal gayi (Translation : Big screen gave me a big headache…. theirs was only a stopped judgement…. My brain got fused……)

Spy next door – Another Jackie chan movie… So I removed my brain and kept aside while watching it…. :)…. Brainy dear went on a holiday…. tara rum pum pum tara rum pum pum…..

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle – Their series of movies are supposedly to be laughter riots… …. I never felt so sick after watching 20 mins of a movie….. Utterly butterly yuckky…….

5 accessories you can create out of food

Kary Neckie A necklace made of karela…. scoop out the inside and cut into small rings and string it up ..

Melon-O-Crown – one -fourth of  a watermelon required…. scoop out the inside… design it to look like a crown…. stick small onion sprouts on the pointed corners to look like a diamond studded crown….

Pakky Ear —Earrings made of palak leaves….. (psst….. psst…. Donno how to don them but ya this is part of the idea)

Combo of Lemon and Appy BangyScrape the apple skin in circles to form a bangle. Similarly for lemon skin also…. wow I have a cooool combo of red and yellow bangles… 😛

Wow I will look like a real jungle queen wearing all these… Jee boombaa Jee boombaa … Ho.. Ho…..

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Cemetry in the night –— Mummy am scared of ghosts
Alone in a dark room/Scary House – Am scared again (Am not a darpok but I cant stand the dark)
Watching a horror movie in a theatre – The last supposedly horror movie I saw was 13 B and I couldn’t sleep alone for the next 2 days…. 
Universal Studios Roller coaster ride – The last time I took it my entire system came out…. And went mumble jumble….. Never Never will I go to one again…….
In an Jungle safari all alone  – What if the animals attacked me…. 😦

Disclaimer: Please don’t pray that I end up in one of these places… I appreciate your cooperation and strong support 😛

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

People who say a boy is superior to a girl and all such MCP’s.

People who keep asking me why I am not getting married…. (Plss…. When it has to happen it will…. your questions will not make it happen 😦   …)

My Friend Big B (Anytime anywhere but this is a friendly hit .. Anyways he looks like a sumo wrestler so a mouse like me cant hit him much :P)

My team members when the work is not done on time (Am stickler for deadlines and am damn irritated when work is not done on time – Again this is a friendly hit only) … (Bachon… home work nahi karoge toh masterji scale se maarenge na :P)

Goli (ex-team mate) for all the trouble he left behind for us to solve…… Beta, ab toh tu gaya… 🙂

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

Well…. actually everyone says I dont need to scare anyone….One look at my face and they will be scared so let me try that…. hee hee… Haa….Haaa….  🙂 … (Bhoooot hooon main :))

Put lot of kaajaal in my eyes and hell lot of lipstick… (baaah…. very ugly… isssh never want to see myself doing it…..) 

3 more I dont have 😦 …. Never scared people 😦  boo… hoo… boo hoo….. Please forgive me… 

Now, I will taggy taggy some of u 🙂

Kavi – Because you are lazy to the core and don’t write blogs
Anu – Lets see your bunch of crazy ideas 🙂
Aryan’s Mommy – Waiting to see Aryan’s Take on this 🙂
GNSD –  You are a sweet pie and so take this pie 😛
Swapna – 🙂 Here you go…… 

Cya soooooon and your tags :)………..


8 thoughts on “Am Tagged!!! Am Tagged!!!

  1. WOW, Disqus here too…This one is gaining popularity. Its easy, thank God, you put this Shilpa.

    Now, to your tags – I also like Rahul Bose movies, but avoided this one esp for Mallika. I hate her. Others have not tried watching and I think I’ll never try. 🙂

    The accessories on you – Jungleeeeeee !!!! LOL 🙂

    Ditto on scary movies….:) And the roller coaster ride – yeah, have tried them but not now.

    The second set of ppl, whom you want to hit – pl call me when you get a chance, I’ll join in too.

    Big B – friendly hit, eh ???? LOL !!!!

    Interesting !!! And so happy with Disqus. 🙂

  2. tit for tat, shilpa… ive tagged u too…..
    but u will have to wait for me to write, since movies and stuff are things i am really bad with…rarely see anything these days!

  3. ha ha Uma … LoL

    Disqus yes yes… Actually I liked the way we can reply to each comment in WordPress. … wanted to shift wordpress but then decided against it…. I found this on Chatterbox’s page and happily jumped for it 🙂

    Please don’t hate Rahul Bose Movies… Pls pls… I will give you a chocky 🙂

    Roller coaster ride… hmmm. I have heard that there is ride in one of the amusement rides in Tokyo… the 3rd scary one…. Donno how it would be to sit in that…. 😛

    yes yes… will call you when I need to hit the 2nd set of ppl…..

    Big B – hmmm…. naughty naughty 😛

  4. Come one… you have to like White Castle.. its hilarious.. watch it again… and sit through it.
    I totally agree on the Jungle Queen with all the “designer” items
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm… so when is the big date of marriage! 😉
    Too cute..will work on on the tag/// soon!

  5. 😦 ok will try again to watch white castle… but am not sure about the outcome…..

    big date of marriage… when I find my mr.perfect 😛

    ya…ya waiting for your tag……

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