I am just a coffee bean

I am just a coffee bean. 
Born Alone and will go back alone.

I am just a coffee bean
Green and Oval in Shape
Engulfed by the pulp of the Cherry

I am just a coffee bean
Waiting to be processed and roasted
To brew that aromatic smell 
That kindles your senses

I am just a coffee bean
Tully’s calls me French Roast
Coffee Day calls me Fresh n Blend
Starbucks calls me Cafe Estima
Caribou calls me Lakeshore Blend

I am just a coffee bean
Caffe Mocha at times
Expresso at times
Caffe Latte at times
Americano at times

I am just a coffee bean
Together with milk and sugar
I will form that foamy froth 
That lingers on your lips 

I am just a coffee bean
And I will always remain a coffee bean

P.S. A lot of work goes into making the perfect coffee for us. Read more here.
The images are from various sites with due copyrights to their rightful owners.

24 thoughts on “I am just a coffee bean

  1. Thanks Anu. Am trying something new and am glad you are all liking it. Thank you for your lovely comments. They keep me going and experimenting 🙂

  2. ivlo difficult difficult tamil ennakka eppadi da teriyum…. In spite of knowing my limited edition of tamil, you are putting such difficult words….. very very bad… Please translate in English also from next time….

  3. I am just Kavitha And I just forget to read her poems and blogs and comment too
    I am just Kavitha and Shilpa needs to remind me many times to read my blogs because am just so forgetful 🙂

  4. I knw thats what I told too 🙂
    I am just shilpa, I will forgive my friends in future for 50 years also 😛

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