Appraisal Time!!!

Everything is Rosy now!

Baashan Shuru.....

Al izzz Weelll!!!!!


33 thoughts on “Appraisal Time!!!

  1. Good one, with appraisal time around .. I very well understand what you mean 😛
    btw how did u manage the cartoon.. great effort

  2. LOL.. this is the post we should show before our appraisals to the manager… 😀 😀

    we are good.. but for some XYZ reason they can’t give it to us… ha ha ha…

  3. I have just read your story Shilpa… its really nice… 🙂 🙂

    but couldn’t vote as poll is closed 😦 😦

  4. hahaha.. Bakshi’s (as in one night at the call center) are all around… That is reality anyways.. End of the day Mngr is the Dmgr and they are always RIGHT!

  5. Good One shilpa, there are lot of bakshi’s all around. They require the same treatment as written in the book by CB. The blog design is cool. Do consider adding me in your blogroll, I will also add you 🙂

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