The bus ride…

The mail from him read “Am in India on vacation (Call me @…..)” …. her mind raced 2 years back when it all started….

A chain of mails had triggered her friendship with him….. She felt so complete with him. Mails and Calls flowed until they met. Their eyes locked the moment they met…. they talked unaware of their surroundings….. They knew they had fallen in Love…. They walked hand in hand on the beach….and felt they were in Paradise….. 

Everyday she had the same dream…… He was leaving her for good……

(She boards the bus …….  2 hours to home……)

And then, he had to go to Malaysia for his new job…. She cried for fear of losing him in an alien country …. She felt her dream was coming true…. He reassured her and left and nothing changed…… 

He came down for his brother’s marriage and introduced her to his family…. She started to dream of a lovely new family…..

(1.5 hours to home)

He went back…. His calls and mails grew lesser and lesser…. She didnt know why….. Her dream was coming true….. She confronted him …. He denied….  Mails and Calls stopped……… She felt helpless…felt like ending her life….. Her life was meaningless without him but her life was also attached to another person…. Her mom…. She stopped….

(1 hour to home)

And then he called… He had found someone…. the true love of his life as he called…. She was devastated…. the promises, love, affection all looked like sand washed away by the water of the beaches….. 

She poured her feelings to her friend Susan, in Malaysia……..

She cried and cried….. but the tears could not bring him back….. She cut herself from everyone and withdrew into a cocoon…. She had lost the colors in her life…………. 

(0.5 hour to home)

The bus driver put on the brake suddenly and she was jolted to the present…. She looked at her mobile…..and dialed….. The familiar voice which sent butterflies in her stomach answered …. 

He: “Hello….”….. 
Se: “Uh…. hello, its me?”…..
He(Pause) : “I knew you would call”
She: “I need to arrive at a decision….” (Pause).. “Do you love me still?”
He(Pause) : “No….. but if you insist I will talk to my parents about you…..”
She: “Do you love Susan?”
He: “Yes….”
She (Taking in a deep breath swallowing the tears that brimmed in her eyes): “Ok, bye forever… All the very best in your life….”

She cut the call ….. tears rolled down her eyes…. She felt she had loved a stranger…… A stranger who had turned her life upside down and now denied recognizing her…. A friend she had trusted had broken her trust …. 

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep “

She had reached her destination…. Her mom greeted her at the door and they did the bear dance as usual….. 

32 thoughts on “The bus ride…

  1. powerfully written … But kind of makes you fill with dark energy within and around you …. Write something more positive that will keep you and the readers happy ….

  2. I somehw guessed it must be Susan 😛 But, nevertheless, I luved the part that she thought abt her Mother and their bear dance. Hw I wish ppl cud always think selflessly abt other ppl who luv them as much and nt end their life 🙂 Nice one 🙂

  3. 🙂 You guessed it … 😛
    Thank swaram… Yes I wish too people think about their loved ones before taking any extreme step and especially after reading today’s post by Kanagu… I really wish that….. 🙂

  4. hmmm I don’t know what to say but then…… Its just my way of telling that there is life beyond failures and mistakes. Love is not the end of life and neither it should create such a havoc that you end your life for it.
    Keep smilin 🙂 as you always say

  5. Strong words and character… We all know at least one person who went through a similar misery, isn’t it? Loved the bear dance end though 🙂

  6. Some love stories survives … some crash lands… but the characters should move ahead in life. It might be difficult but then haven’t we all lived many many years with all its ups and downs before we met that particular person, if then one can survive without the person too after the crash …

  7. Very wonderfully narrated!! Sad, but then it happens and life goes on!!

    Just an observation… the pink and red fonts on grey back ground, are difficult to read!! Or is it my eyesight!!??

  8. So, her best friend stole her boy friend ?? Sad ! But for a change, I liked the positive ending. Theres nothing that time cant heal ! 🙂

  9. life has much more to it… then just a companion !!!! 😀 😀

    well written… I love stories that end on a positive note… so what even if the crux was sad !

    and in the background of your blog is it a gas stove ??? somehow you clicked the pic blue.. ?? just curious…

  10. 😀 ya but sadly we do look for a companion… human nature….
    Thank you….
    Yes that seems to be a gas stove but I am just using one of the templates of blogspot. I didn’t click it 😛

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