Where did they all go?

“They came, They performed, They enthralled us, We applauded, They went back “

Where did they all go?  Wondering who? Read Ahead … 

It all probably started with “Meri Awaz Suno” aired by DD. Then it was Sa Re Ga Ma hosted by Zee Tv and the more classy Channel [V] Popstars.  

Sunidhi Chauhan, winner of Meri Awaz Suno rocks with her offbeat and different genre of singing. 

Sa Re Ga Ma put forth “Shreya Goshal”. Well, who can match this lady’s sweet voice and probably she has been the one to gain maximum popularity and  stardom. Jaadu hai, Nasha hai…. 

Channel [V] Popstars did create a real media hype and I followed it every single day.  The band Viva! which formed after that was amazing. One of their songs “Jaago zara” still lingers in my mind all the time. I simply loved this song. Its a pity that they split and no albums were released after that. 

Still wondering what I am talking about. Yes, you are correct, I am talking about the winners from the various music and dance shows and all sorts of such competitions. Why music and dance alone because I really love music and dancing (to watch/hear only) and reality shows are not my cup of tea. I still can’t understand the craze around them though I did “TRY” to watch them and did “TRY” to like them.  I can’t understand people back biting against each other or doing those creepy things just to win the show. Anyways thats another topic and I certainly don’t want to step on it.

So, slowly down the line, it hit people, talent lies in your home and you don’t have to go seeking it elsewhere. So, there was a flurry of shows and competitions. Each Channel vying with each other for hosting competitions at the same time. People becoming SMS maniacs and Channels having TRP wars etc etc.   Believe it or not. For a recent talent show, my colleague sent more than 10 SMS’s (as he told me) for a particular group just because they were from the same hometown as him. In fact, even his friends also followed suit.
Vote for me

Just a question which crossed my mind at this point. So, what actually wins, talent, voting system or the participants show on the final days.  One fault I find with the voting system is the bias. A general tendency of people to vote for participants from their region/state, a general frenzy among girls to vote for cute/macho looking guys and vice versa also – Does this really bring up talent? I would certainly say a definite NO. Being biased towards region, race or for that matter anything else does not bring out talent and rather buries it deep under the ground. 

When, these competitions started I don’t remember SMS’s and votes being used to decide the winner. The participants gave their best and the judges adjudged the best. Now, the voting system seems to gain precedence over judges to move a participant to the safe zone or the danger zone and even for a wildcard entry!!! Semi-Finals to Finals, its only votes, votes and votes which seem to matter. So much in the name of votes.  Why not start SMS/online vote system for elections too, I guess everyone will exercise their voting rights then and we can cut down on the election budget too 🙂

So, ultimately even though you have talent, you must also know to canvas yourself in the best possible way. Reaching to the finals and to the final cream, certainly requires Junta’s graciousness to cast the “Oh-So-Critical-Vote” and then you will be crowned with the crowning glory. Fame, Money, Status and Albums will be showered on you. Big time Celebrities will present you the award. So, what after that ?
A few shows, an album as part of the prize and then its back to square one. Its then left to the participant to carve his/her own niche in the world which is already full of best of the class musicians and dancers. At the alarming rate at which these shows are increasing, I wonder how many more talents will come to limelight and then be again submerged in darkness. Certainly a question which time can only answer. 

So, Who’s Next on Junta’s VoteRoll????????
SMS Me...

33 thoughts on “Where did they all go?

  1. in this world of globalization, even traits and talent have becomes products of consumerism….
    I have never voted for such contests….nor i support such formats….where manipulation and adulteration creeps in and takes over the originality and deserved telant….

  2. Good take! let me tell you the actual story behind this SMS concept. Usually these SMS will cost you at premium rates. The mobile company will share a part of it and so will be the producers of the show. So, making money is the mantra at the cost of playing with people’s sentiments. Shame, but that is where most of the channels are heading towards. Nothing matters except TRP.

  3. good one.. and very true! i hate all these reality shows too and rarely watch them.. in fact,i dont watch tv at all these days… its either the net or books for me……. but u cant avoid them as they are all over the place and i have got into so many arguments with people who actually waste their time voting that i have given up!

  4. Good you don’t have to watch them. I have to watch them if my sis is at home, big time fan of such tv shows 😦
    Well the voting mania, I really don’t understand. Wish people will realise sonner 🙂

  5. Some shows are quite OK, but some are totally drama !!! Dont like the drama part. And the voting is really sad, as ppl vote based on region. Some real talents dont win, but atleast they got a platform to perform.

  6. They all look so pre-planned. A few who come for Indian Idol auditions act/look like jokers and the judges insult them so badly. I mean, who would want to come and be humiliated that way.

  7. Most of the reality show wonders remain one show wonders. They fade from limelight very soon but then yes Dance India Dance and Indian idol are my favourite reality shows. I love the digging of new talents, the exuburence and energy of the participants and ofcourse a bit of TRP dramas … but having said that I have not send a single sms votes till date 😉

  8. Hi Shilpa….. this is my first time in your blog. Yes its true….. not all winners of contesrts and reality shows are able to make a mark in life. many of them fade away into oblivion. Yes there is a lot of backbiting and drama but some reality shows are better than saas bahu serials:). the early audition episodes of Indian Idol are hilarious to say the least:)

  9. Hi Abha, welcome to my blog. Do keep dropping by 🙂
    Yes these shows have brought up great talents and then sent them to oblivion. True very true 🙂

  10. Very valid points raised! I can’t stand the reality shows! I too TRIED to like them…but alas! I find that they are scripted, of course for the TRPs.
    And after a while, the ‘Stars’ fade into oblivion. Wonder, how they’d be coming to terms minus the the instant glamor and glitz! Must be tough!

  11. very rightly said …but some channels specially Zee tv’s song & dance reality shows are great due to their contestant qualities … also Kunal Ganjawala was from a reality show….and talking of voting system …Monali Thakur one of the participants in Indian Idol was eliminated early but she’s the only one(not the winner) who’s turned a playback singer (Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me – Race)….

  12. I used to like the song ‘jaago zara’ too. I wonder where they go. One time wonders all. I think there’s too much reality TV–so parents & participants don’t know where to draw the line.

  13. Ya, there is no denial of the fact, that these shows have produced some really good talent. but there is a also a major chunk which has gone off somewhere 🙂

  14. Exactly..that is why after the initial few I gave up on all these shows..the people who take part in them want their 15 mins of fame..they get them and then they go away..and someone else takes their place..Nothing more..nothing less.

  15. Really enjoyed the post. I am not in favor of the shows which has the whole world voting in favor of any participant. My belief is that only someone who is eligible to judge should vote. The cartoons are apt and the post made me go back to the good old days of Anu Kapoor. Will be back for more.

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