The Indian Touch to Fukuoka

On a lazy Sunday morning, I got up wishing I could get some bed coffee/tea/breakfast/lunch without moving my lazy bones. Well, if it was home I would have got it almost but then when you stay alone you can’t have the luxury of such things. So, how would my reactions be if I was granted this particular wish. Excited, elated and contended. Thats what exactly happened. We had a barbecue party yesterday and there was chicken still remaining. Not intending to waste it, the bachelors had requested R to make some chicken curry for them. And so all of us got to eat yummy chicken curry without moving an inch of our lazy bones all courtesy our super chef R. 

R is not only a superb chef, she is an artist too, the “chupa rustum” type because even two months back, we didn’t know she could paint so well. And one fine day, I see this beautiful painting, rather a mithila artwork on her orkut album. It was really a shock as well as a sweet surprise. Believe it or not, not just me all the guys were also dumbfounded by this. Her culinary skills were well known among us but this was something we had never expected.  

In the below picture, she has captured the spirit of the traditional Butter churning process. So much of intricate details and colors. She takes about 18 hours to complete each painting.When you put so much of effort, the outcome is naturally beautiful 🙂

These are a set of six table mats made on green paper on which she has painted motifs of ladies depicting various emotions. These are complimented by a mehendi design below each of them. 

Now comes the icing on the cake. She also teaches Indian traditions, painting, basics of Hindi and cooking to the Japanese over here. Japanese people love Indian curry which speaks for the abundance of Indian restaurants. Of course, except for a few which offer authentic Indian food, the rest are Indo-Nepali restaurants which have made Indian food look as though there is nothing beyond naan, palak curry and chicken curry. A look at one of her classes which she conducts 2-3 times in a month. Its sure is a lovely way to tell about our country. 

We grow up intending to be doctors, engineers, business analysts, and so on. Sometimes, its also the circumstances which decides our profession. However, its  inherent talent which prevails over all this and brings out the best in us. It also gives us that immense sense of satisfaction and pleasure which a high profile and high paying job can never give us. R has found this love and satisfaction in her paintings. So, heres wishing her a lot of luck. May she make more and more lovely mithila paintings and bring more talents of her to the fore.  

32 thoughts on “The Indian Touch to Fukuoka

  1. Wow! your friend sounds very talented 🙂
    Loved her colorful paintings and those place mats are simply awesome 😀 😀 The leaf shape ones are gorgeous too 🙂
    I liked the way you pointed how circumstances and life at times decide what we do in our lives 🙂

    Best wishes for your friend 🙂

  2. We grow up intending to be doctors, engineers, business analysis, and so on. Sometimes, its also the circumstances which decides our profession. However, its inherent talent which prevails over all this and brings out the best in us beautifully said!
    I love those paintings and it sure is a painstaking effort, the leaves depicting various emotions are gorgeous!

  3. The paintings is so good Shilpa 🙂 🙂 really R is talented and good that she continues to do that 🙂

    Wishes to her…

  4. you friends got talent there.. All the best to her .. and its good you put it all here for us to see it tooo .. so thanks to you too 🙂

  5. Thank you very much for introducing me to mithila art..It looks a lot like Madhubani !! Kudos to your friend. My best wishes to her. Do get her to blog & post and teach eager ppl like me 🙂 & thank you again for sharing Shilpa.

  6. Sure lostworld. We are also planning to do the same. Maybe by next week we would have her blog up for all you guys to see more of her work 🙂

  7. Amazing.. Very creative .. Such talents shud be harnessed at any cost..

    All the best to her in future and it was a pleasure knowing her artistic pursuits..:)

  8. Wow ! you have an awesome friend! 🙂
    She is so talented… I loved the painting and the paper mats are quite innovative!

    I didnt know Japanese people loved Indian food so much that they would take classes! 🙂
    This is indeed interesting and good news!

    I also loved your template. its nice 🙂

  9. Thanks Pixie… She sure is amazing… And I can’t stop loving her work 🙂
    Well they like Indian food because of the spice as Japanese food is very bland 🙂
    Thank you Thank you 🙂

  10. I am not at all surprised 😀 😀

    Persons with ‘R’ as their first letter r all god gifted,super cool,awesome,talented and awesome ppl u know! ahem.. ahem..

    By the way ur blog is supercool and i esp liked the pics of those ghostly faces..hehe..
    and the food looks yummyy…me want some 😀
    c ya later..sayanora!! thts abt the only japanese word i know… 😀 😀 so plz dont mind 😛

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