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3 Generations or is it 4?

The house wore a festive look but Rajadurai looked pensive. He calls out, 
“Rajamma, Please see if Rajlakshmi is ready. They will be here soon”. 
Rajamma moves to Rajlakshmi’s room as per her husband’s order. Rajlakshmi is still playing with her friends. 
“Rajlakshmi Dear, you should get ready else Appa will be angry”.
“Please Amma, Can I play for some more time.”

Rajamma looks at the 14 year old and smiles to herself. She was just 2 years old when Akka laid her in my arms and went to heavenly abode. And today is her nichayathartham. I have kept the promise I gave to Akka. Her father has chosen the best groom. Akka must be watching from above and admiring her lovely daughter. 

“No dear, you should start getting ready, Appa looks really angry”.

“Ok, if you say so”.

Rajamma starts to lovingly drape her step daughter with the traditional Kanjeevaram saree.

“Amma, this is so heavy. How will I carry this?”

“Dont worry ma, you will learn to carry this very well as there will many more occasions on which you will be wearing such sarees”.

She smiles and starts to adorn Rajlakshmi.

“Amma,why do girls have to go to another house when they get married?”

“That is because after marriage, husband’s house is their own house”.

“Amma, Then does that mean I can never come here”.

“Of course dear, you can come but your first and foremost priority should be to look after the needs of your husband’s house and make me a proud grandmother soon”.

Rajlakshmi blushes.

After 25 years…

Rajlakshmi is talking animatedly to her daughter Sumati. The boy’s parents were coming to see her daughter. If they agree then she can soon start the preparations for her daughter’s marriage. Her husband calls out to her,

“Rajlakshmi, they have come”.

She hurries out to welcome them. After the usual formalities, Rajlakshmi goes inside and escorts her daughter to the living room where everyone is seated. She makes her sit next to the boy’s mother. The boy’s mother asks her the usual questions. Rajlakshmi looks lovingly at her daughter as she meekly answers them all. The boy’s mother and father discuss something and then the boy’s father clears his throat. Rajlakshmi silently says a prayer. Her husband looks fervently at the boy’s father.

“Sir, we like your daughter. If we have your approval, we can proceed with the other things”

Sumathi’s father replies, “Sir, we have no objection. “

The boy’s father and Rajlakshmi’s husband start discussing about the marriage date. Rajlakshmi silently says a prayer again and exchanges pleasantries with the boy’s mother. Sumathi sits transfixed through the entire proceedings. One part of her wants to run away from all this and get back to studying for her B.A. 2nd year exams and the other part of her yearns for the new life which is yet to begin.

After 30 years…

Sumathi is talking to her daughter Sree. She is doing her MBA 2nd year. Sumathi is telling her about a good proposal. Sree replies

“Not now ma, my exams are going on and I am yet to start my career also. I can’t even think about marriage now. Please ma, don’t disturb me about this marriage stuff now”.

Sumathi puts down the phone and looks at her husband and says “Girls these days!!! I didn’t even utter a word when my parents fixed my marriage right in front of me. They didn’t even ask me”

“Times have changed Sumathi. She is the modern age girl. Let her be. When she wants, we will get her married. You don’t worry so much”

After a year..
“But Sree, its a year since you joined the company. What more career do you want to establish”

“Ma, its like a rat race. Its hard to explain to you. Give me some more time I will surely tell you when am ready. As of now, Marriage is a sure no”

After 2 years…
“Sree, you need to decide about your future ma. You should get married. We are also getting old. If we wait for some more time, we wont get a good proposal ma. Already, everyone has started talking ill about you. No ma, you should decide this time”

“Ok, if you say so. Can I talk to Daddy?”


The conversation goes on for a long time as Sumathi watches her husband’s face change from astonishment to understanding  and a multitude of other expressions in between. Finally he places the phone and says,

“Sumathi, you future son-in-law is coming to meet you in two days”

3 generations with only one common factor, “When will my daughter get married?”. With time, naturally the perspective of the mother has changed from informing her wishes to her daughter to asking her opinion and then coming to a decision. Globalization has brought a remarkable change and the woman has grown from being just a housewife and mother to a strong, independent individual with a mind set of her own. She perfectly understands what is right and what is wrong. She understands what she seeks in life. At times though, she is still confused and still looks about for advice. At heart, she still remains the soft and meek person barring whatever facade she may show to the outside world to protect herself from the vagaries of the outside world. 

It is time that the society and the world at large understand her and allow her to grow as an individual. Let the world look beyond her marital qualifications and revel in the glory of her academic and personal qualifications. In hope for a better tomorrow for the woman in me…

After 20 years …

Si packs her bags. She needs to catch the flight to Bombay where she will be setting up her new world. She will be working part-time at McKinFish and studying her art course too. Its time to move out of her protected cocoon into the open world with no support.

“Ok Mom, Its time for me. Am moving and don’t worry I will take care of myself. Dad doesn’t need to send me money every month now on”

“Ok Honey”

Sree looks on as her daughter races towards her new world.



Times are good
Times are bad
Times of happiness
Times of sorrow
Times spent in laughter
Times spent in grumble
Times dipped in love
Times dipped in hatred
Times meant to cling to
Times meant to let free
Times of harmony
Times of unrest

Times written cannot be rewritten

Times gone wrong cannot be made right
Times spent cannot be gained back
Times bygone are bygone

Realize the time at hand

Time doesn’t give a second chance, does it?


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Lets Celebrate!!!

Blogging was never a passion to me. My only indulgence in the world of blogging used to be the blogs of my college friends Sravan and KP. But at no point of time, it struck me that I could also start blogging. Maybe the reason was that I was so much preoccupied with my work that I never thought about anything else other than PL/SQL, Forms and Oracle in general. This year probably God decided to show some mercy on me and decided to bless me with very little work. So, it meant more boredom (because obviously you cannot roam all the time nor watch movies 24X7 or the K-Serials 24X7) and a more grumpy nature.  In the midst of all this, Sravan did a post on soul search in 24A.  Well, this got me into some sort of a soul search. I was never grumpy in my life, I always knew to smile in the toughest of times (although am short tempered and the temper doesn’t last beyond 10 minutes) and certainly I was not one person to sit idle. 

So, instigated by all these thoughts, I thought why not start blogging? I setup my blogger account and my very first post came up. Not a very good start but yes I tried to better myself along the way. I started to take part in Blog-a-ton, was dumbstruck by the Blogadda Pick, awards which flowed in from blog friends, never-ending chain of comments, tags and blog contests. A big Thank You to Blog World which accepted me so open heartedly.  And today shonawrites proudly celebrates her 50th post. 

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high 
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

What more could express a blogger’s thoughts more beautifully than this poem by Rabindranath Tagore. Truly, Blogging has given me that platform to express my thoughts and opinions in the way I want. My blog is a reflection of me, my thoughts and my actions. It has become that perfect gateway of bliss which I look forward to every day. Is this an addiction or not, I don’t know but it has certainly helped me to fight my loneliness and be happy all the time. It has helped me to discover a “New Me”. In fact, my colleagues now joke that Shilpa sits in a cloud surrounded by her blogs and remains unaffected by all official matters. 

Very true, in fact I found out one of my colleague wants to blog too and we have a really good discussion on blogs, politics, books and everything under the sun. I guess its always easier for like minded people to talk. The same holds good for my blog friends. People whom I have never met but leave their love and warmth on my every post, People who have encouraged me all through these 49 posts and People whom I will remember all through my life. So, here is presenting my Toonbook of all these lovely people who have left their imprint on my blog life as well as my real life.

I would especially like to thank Anu, Uma and Swaram who have been really very sweet and encouraging right from my very early posts. It was through their blogs that I started to connect with the rest of the blog world. Thanks a lot ladies 🙂

There have been a lot of people whose blogs I love to read:
1. Mohan : Blogs on a plethora of topics
2. Shruti  : Holds the amazing Artsy-Craftsy contest month after month
3. Pree : Her blog is a pandora’s box of house decor and truly yummy delicious recipes.
4. Pixie, Smitha, Pal : All of them write straight from the heart – simple and sweet posts
5. Tavish : Read his fiction and know him better.

Also presenting to you two important people who are the pillars for this blog. Goondi No.1. What would I do without you girl! K has been my right, left, center and all possible directions hand. Low times she is there, High times she is there, Every time she is there. 😀 Poor thing gets tortured by me all the time. She has to read my posts (whether she likes it or not), review it, make corrections and tell her opinion. Sometimes she sincerely does it but mostly she always has a clever way to tell no to me :D. However, she is my PRO and she is doing a good job of advertising my blog in her circle :D.

Make way, Make way for Goonda No.1. Big B has been a very dear friend for the past 10 years who sincerely makes a con call for every festival/birthday to all our classmates and we have a ball of time giggling away to glory. Even though he is a really really very very sincere sincere student, he always finds time to read my posts and comment (According to him in a recent con call he told he doesn’t comment unless and until the post inspires him to). So, I consider myself lucky if I get a comment from him in my posts. 

So, Goondi No.1 and Goonda No.1, heres to our friendship. 
“Ye dosti hum nahi todenge, Chodenge dam magar tera saath na chodenge” 😀 :D. Ye fevicol ka jod hai thootega nahi!!!!

Last but not the least, Daddy this is for you:

Words of wisdom, you taught me
Good and Bad, you guided me
Strength, I imbibed from you
Independence, I gained from you
Tough times, you held my hand
Good times, you let me enjoy it
Bad health, you looked upon me every hour
Good health, you made me gorge like a demon
Education, you gave me all
Life Partner, you left it to my choice
You look upon me for advice
But I am still the small kid who may stumble and fall!!
Be always by my side Daddy!!!

Now, moving away from the sentimental things, to some lovely awards that my blog friends have passed on:

Thanks Priya
Thanks Priya

Thanks LEB
These awards are duly passed on to every single person mentioned in this post.

And do you remember the “Cool couple contest. I finally decided to announce the winners. And the winners are:

1. Comfy says

The song I would sing: Kuch is tarah teri palkein.. because well the song says it all

He would probably sing: She is always a women to me.. because women confound him because how quickly and often we change and I am all of that..but through it all I am his woman to him and he loves me just like that..

2. Priya says

For me… there are a lot of favorites but 2 songs that immediately come to mind are
Aisa sama from Zameen Aasmaan
Kishore Kumar’s Aise na mujhe tum dekho

Comfy and Priya heres your “Cool Couple” award.

P.S. I have already mailed you all the toon picture. So, please go ahead and display them in your blog. A token of love and appreciation from me to you.

Block me!

Artsy-Craftsy is again round the corner and I cannot be far behind right!!!So, here we go, this month’s theme being block printing. 

I had some ready made blocks at disposal which look something like below:

This picture was made 2 years back with the help of ready made blocks and maroon stamp inks on white craft paper. I did have this framed and it does make a great wall hanging.

Basically, these ready made blocks can be used to stamp onto anything of your choice. So, I made this bookmark with the same block used in above painting and some satin ribbons to adorn the corners. Simple isn’t it?

Since, I was on a stamping spree, I didn’t stop there. I stamped these on the thin cloth covers usually used to cover handbags. And these came out as good candidates for table covers.

And the final ones in the stamping arena. A card and a bookmark and if you are wondering you have seen that dove somewhere. Yes, you have. Its the dove on the “Dove” soap and don’t worry the black stamp ink can be easily washed off the soap. So, I stamped and smudged the whole paper with a tissue paper. 

Play time over … lets get back to work 😀