Butterfly Butterfly!!!

It was such  a beautiful day. Kini was happily running about in her garden playing with her pet dog romeo. She hated the rains. Rains depressed her. She loved the warmth of the sun, the brightness of the day and the constant chatter of birds. Her house had a beautiful garden where she could spend the entire day playing, singing, reading books and laughing away to glory at Romeo’s antics. Now, Romeo was a super excited, super playful dog. He just couldn’t sit idle and when he came to the garden, he was always busy running behind the bees, the birds and his own tail :P.

Kini left romeo to run behind his fantasies and took to her drawing book.  She could hear Romeo barking away to glory. She dimissed it as Romeo’s usual chanter.  A few minutes later and Romeo’s constant barking had become an irritation. Whatever had caught his attention, he wasn’t prepared to leave it. Kini got up and went towards him, admonishing him all the way for behaving in such a rude manner. But when she got there, Romeo’s fantasy caught her fantasy too. It was a big big ugly looking butterfly. The ugliness didn’t matter so much as the size. Kini had never seen such a big butterfly. She stared at it for a moment and then something struck her. She slowly tried to pick the butterfly but right at that moment, it flew away. She ran behind it, Romeo in tow.  The next 20 minutes were spent in trying to catch the butterfly but all in vain. The butterfly was giving her a tough time. Tired, Kini sat down right opposite to where the butterfly was resting now and kept staring at it.  This time the butterfly had a change of mind and came flying and rested at her feet. There was a twinkle in Kini’s eyes. She picked the butterfly and went running inside the house to show to her mother.

Her mother was also delighted on seeing the butterfly but told her “Kini dear, now be a darling and let her fly away. She too needs to go back to her family and her ma”. Kini say “Ma, please let me keep her for some days and then I will free her. I want to show her to my friends. Everyone will be so surprised”.  Kini’s ma said “I wouldn’t like you doing it but if it pleases you, then keep her but few days means few days only”.  “Thank you ma” Kini said and went running to her room.

She brought out a big glass jar from the storeroom and put the butterfly inside it and closed the mouth of the jar.  She made holes on the top of the jar so that the butterfly could breathe. Till now the butterfly had been still but finding itself free, it tried to flap its wings but the jar was just as big as her wings and there was no space for her to move. Sad, she hung to one side of the bottle and flapped her wings. Her eyes kept following Kini who was so excited about informing her friends about her new found discovery. Within  a few minutes, her friends from the colony started flowing in. Now everyone wanted to touch the butterfly but Kini wouldnt allow them to do that. The butterfly had become her prized possession.

She began to carry the butterfly to school, to tuition and everywhere else she went. Romeo was long forgotten. Romeo continued in pursuit of newer fantasies which he made sure he wouldn’t show off to Kini. Hurmph, how could she disregard him when he had been such a loyal pet for the past 3 years. “Bad girl Kini” 😦 😦 thought Romeo but what to do he still liked her. He thought that she would give up her fantasy for the butterfly soon like her other short lived fantasies.

Kini was however lost in her butterfly world. She had named her Miss.Che Che and talked to her a lot. The butterfly would just blink her tearful eyes at her and say nothing. Her ma’s few days had turned into a few months and Kini was least interested in giving freedom to her butterfly.  Her ma kept reminding her everyday but Kini kept evading. Her exams started and both Miss.Che Che and Romeo were forgotten.

On the last day of her exams, Kini returned home dancing as it was two whole months of summer to enjoy. She kept thinking of all the wonderful things she could do.  She went into her room and took the jar in her hands. She was telling Che Che about all the things they would be doing during the summer holidays. Out came Romeo out of nowhere and leapt on her. She lost her balance and the jar fell on the floor breaking into a thousand pieces. Che Che was free, she flapped her wings and then just flew away without looking back.

Kini cried the whole day. Romeo leapt on her and licked her all over the face and made the most cutest face he could. Kini smiled at him and out they went into the garden. Kini was back to her drawing and singing and Romeo to running behind his tail 😛 :P.

Are we all not like Kini? Running behind small time pleasures and leaving behind the things which have actually given us true happiness. Think about it!


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Butterfly!!!

  1. If I would make loads of money some day, I would sponsor you to write a children’s book. I think India badly needs a children’s book writer, and with loads of Indianness in it.
    Three cheers!

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